Lafer Horizontal Fill Form and Seal Machines

Lafer has been in business for over 35 years, and specializes in applying the latest available technology to produce tailor made machines.  Lafer’s program includes a wide range of packaging machines with customized distribution/feeding/end-line systems to generate complete automatic packaging lines for the food industry.  Lafer machines include as standard features many accessories that are options on competitor’s machines providing tremendous value for your packaging equipment dollar.  Lafer hand-crafts the high quality construction of the frame, uses name brand components, and non-proprietary wear parts.  Located in Italy, Lafer has a well-deserved reputation for quality, customer service, and honesty. 



Cosmic – Robustness and Flexibility

Full servo, suitable for manual loading or for integration with low/medium speed automatic lines.  The same features of the range’s top machines are applied on the COSMIC: balcony frame execution for easier accessibility to cleaning and service, user friendly HMI graphic software, complete access to the operational area of the machine protected by a wide safety cover, and a wide range of options.

  • Up to 150 bpm
  • Max Product Width: 200 mm
  • Max Product Height: 120 mm
  • Bag Length (Min/Max), 50 mm / 600 mm
  • Max Reel Width: 650 mm 


Motion HP – High Performance

The innovative welding head guarantees air-tight welding for packaging solutions, and exceptional flexibility and productivity.  The Motion HP is intended for clients who do not want to compromise, and are looking for a packaging machine that combines flexibility, high performance and air-tightness.

  • Up to 80 bpm
  • Max Product Width: 370 mm
  • Max Product Height: 180 mm
  • Bag Length (Min/Max): 80 mm / 600 mm
  • Max Reel Width: 750 mm