Capsule Filling Machines

Established in 1984, Tecmes is a leader in capsule filling machines.  Automation and technological know-how has remained a constant focus of the company, resulting in innovative production improvements, adaptability and a solutions oriented approach.  Tecmes machines include construction of rotary and linear bases, special and specific mechanical structures and solutions for the coffee capsules packaging industry.

Capsule Filling Machines - 200/300 CAPSULES PER MINUTE

The machine can process different designs of compatible capsules, thermoformed molded and specific capsule models can be also supplied with the machine, kit or outfit to suit different needs.  And, is capable of cutting or punching perforated film, filter paper or aluminum foils and provide welding on the bottom, intermediate or top of capsule.  Capsule loading by automatic sorter with hopper (vibration, gravitational, centrifugal system or other) or manually.  Automatic weight control through the dosing system by means of very precise loading cells and final weight of the capsule by a specific control loop algorithm.  Assembly operation of rigid parts, or diaphragm, or bottom cover of similar materials, providing thermal or ultrasonic welding.  Control of top film position and weld by camera system or sensors to ensure safe and finished quality control.
Options include nitrogen gas flush and capsule sealing in a modified atmosphere during all phases of dosing and filling.

  • Rotary table speeds of 50 cycles per minute for 10, 12 or 16 stations.
  • With 4 tracks, up to 200 coffee capsules per minute.  
  • With 6 tracks, and for Nespresso compatible capsules only, up to 300 capsules per minute.