When it comes to a provider, we know there are a lot of options to choose from. As a packaging and equipment supplier, we strive to exceed the expectations of our clients by understanding their business needs and goals, sourcing from the best suppliers and providing customized solutions which add value and impact at shelf. Aripack is constantly evolving, committed to innovation and cutting edge technology, all while focusing heavily on sustainable solutions to help do our part for future generations. We pride ourselves on our dedication to ensure the most positive customer experience.


“Choosing to package our Fruit & Nut Bites in a pouch made with NEO Plastics is one small thing we can do to help inspire others to do their part for a sustainable future.”

– Susan Leone, Founder of Fruit Bliss.

“We have been working with Aripack for 10 years. Their team accommodates our ever changing needs from new projects, tight deadlines, artwork changes, their in house team makes everything including logistics easy and efficient. Their quality and attention to detail is top of the market and why we continue to stay and grow with them.”

– Ryan Albright, CEO, Covered Bridge Potato Chip Company

“Our business often requires quick response and frequent changes. Despite the challenging deadlines we throw at them, the service team at Aripack/NEO Plastics consistently delivers. Carrie and Olga operate like a well-oiled machine to keep me informed and keep our jobs moving. The quality of the end result shows the full value of their services.”

– Warren R., Purchasing Manager, Lesser Evil


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