NEO Plastics™

NEO Plastics™

NEO Plastics™ is a resource recovery solution enabling plastics to create energy in anaerobic landfill environments.  Not dependent on sunlight or oxygen, the additive in NEO Plastics™ promotes microbial activity commonly found in soil, converting plastics into useful biogas.  Efficient collection of bio gases in managed waste facilities converts products produced with NEO Plastics™ into clean energy powering homes, businesses and factories.




NEO Cup™ an Eco-Responsible Single Serve Solution!

Neo _Cups.jpg

No need to feel guilty about your next cup of coffee.

  • Available in single serve NEO Cup™ and lids, utilizing existing packaging materials

  • Cost effective and easily integrated into current supply chains

  • Independently tested by leading U.S. labs, in accordance with recognized ASTM protocols

  • Food Safe, GRAS Certified, all-natural additive, meets FDA standards




Recyclable Pouch

Recyclable Pouch
  • High Barrier Monopolymer

  • Fully Recyclable under Code #4

  • Compatible with Existing HFFS/VFFS

  • PE Zipper & Easy Tearing Reverse

  • Printable on Rotogravure

Aripack introduces a pouch produced entirely with poly-ethylene films providing easy recyclability.  Customizable options are available to achieve moisture and oxygen barriers, and a poly-ethylene zipper closure can be added to better preserve package contents.  A perfect recyclable solution for Snacks, Pet Food, Beverages and Sauces.