NEO Plastics™

NEO Plastics™

Aripack introduces the NEO PlasticsTM product line, a resource recovery solution enabling plastics to create energy in anaerobic landfill environments.  Not dependent on sunlight or oxygen, the additive in NEO PlasticsTM promotes microbial activity commonly found in soil, converting plastics into useful biogas.  Efficient collection of biogases in managed waste facilities converts products produced with NEO PlasticsTM into clean energy powering homes, businesses and factories.




NEO Cup™ an Eco-Responsible Single Serve Solution!

Neo _Cups.jpg

No need to feel guilty about your next cup of coffee.

  • Available in single serve NEO Cup™ and lids, utilizing existing packaging materials

  • Cost effective and easily integrated into current supply chains

  • Independently tested by leading U.S. labs, in accordance with recognized ASTM protocols

  • Food Safe, GRAS Certified, all-natural additive, meets FDA standards




Recyclable Pouch

Recyclable Pouch
  • High Barrier Monopolymer

  • Fully Recyclable under Code #4

  • Compatible with Existing HFFS/VFFS

  • PE Zipper & Easy Tearing Reverse

  • Printable on Rotogravure

Aripack introduces a pouch produced entirely with poly-ethylene films providing easy recyclability.  Customizable options are available to achieve moisture and oxygen barriers, and a poly-ethylene zipper closure can be added to better preserve package contents.  A perfect recyclable solution for Snacks, Pet Food, Beverages and Sauces.