KrispPak™ Microperforated Bags

KrispPak™ microperforated bags are the ideal packaging for artisan and crusty breads. Our bags are made from crystal clear bi-oriented polypropylene (BOPP), which is FDA approved for food contact. The small microperforations in the bag allow the package to breathe thereby keeping your bread crusty and fresh and not soft or soggy as in traditional solid bags. Plus, our BOPP is crisper and noticeably clearer & shinier than polyethylene, helping your product fly off the shelves.


P160 – Suitable for baked goods hot from the oven.
P30 – Designed for partially cooled breads and fresh produce.


Packaged in 250 count bundles on metal wickets, which vary from 3″ to 6” on center depending on the width of the bag. Each case contains 4 bundles and tears cleanly from the linear perforation on the lip.


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